Fertiliser calculation module

All Huma Gro products contain unique MCT carriers. This makes all products much more effective than others. This document provides explanations and examples of quantities for fertilisers with MCT technology. It also gives examples of how cost savings can be made on fertilisers from other manufacturers.

Calculate replacement quantities

When it is known how many kilograms of pure fertiliser have been applied to a crop in a season, it can be calculated how many litres of Huma Gro must be used during cultivation to replace it. To do this, the efficiency factor must be used.

The exact efficiency factor may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But in the vast majority of cases these values are correct.

Example 1

A grower applies 10L N28 weekly as foliar fertiliser with a specific gravity of 1.20 KG/L.

0.28 * 1.20 = 0.33KG pure N per litre. 0.33*10 = 3.36L pure nitrogen per hectare.

Super Nitro: 0.30*1.20 = 0.36 pure N per litre. With an average efficiency factor of 4, this equals 1.44KG of pure N from the other manufacturer (0.36 *4 = 1.44).

It takes 2.3L of Super Nitro to replace the other manufacturer's 10L application. (3.36/1.44=2.3).

A simple way of calculating roughly the same result is 10/4=2.5. However, this is only possible when the amount of pure N per litre is roughly the same.

Economic advantage

Assuming that foliar fertiliser N costs €1.50/L, this comes down to 10*1.50=€15/hectare.

Super Nitro costs €5/L, which comes down to 2.5*5 = €12.50/hectare.

In this case, the grower saves €2.50 per hectare, per week.



Foliar application is a very effective method of supplying nutrition to crops, but is limited by the amount of nutrition that can be delivered per application. In addition, the ultimate uptake can also be influenced by weather conditions. An extremely low temperature inhibits the plant's ability to absorb nutrients. This also occurs at extremely high temperatures. This is at the expense of the efficiency factor.

- Super Nitro leaf application. Apply at maximum with 3-4% concentration and no more. Example; 3L per 100L tank liquid for one hectare.

- Super Phos leaf application. Apply at maximum 1-2% concentration and no more.

- Super Potassium (potash) foliar application. Apply at maximum 1-2% concentration and no more.

- For crops younger than 25 days, we recommend spraying at 50% of the normally recommended rate.

Specific gravity of macro fertilisers




Expected Units

Effective Units Delivered per L

Efficiency Factor

Super Nitro


1.2 kg/L

.36 kg N/L

0.8 kg N/L


Super Phos



.75 kg P2O5 /L

4.5 kg P2O5 / L


Super K



.54 kg K2O

2.16 kg K2O