What is Micro Carbon Technology (MCT)

Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) is a patented blend of extremely small organic carbon and oxygen molecules that act as a carbon source and provide an ultra-efficient carrier to move nutrients and other molecules through the plant. Products that have MCT can be applied through the soil and/or the leaves. All products in the Huma Gro range feature MCT.

The origins of MCT?

The beginnings of MCT date back to 1973, when scientists discovered a unique organic material that, when applied to agricultural soils, improved both soil fertility and plant uptake of nutrients. We now know that this material is composed primarily of a high-grade leonardite. The leonardite on which Micro Carbon Technology is based is a soft, humic material, rich in carbon, that has never been compacted or heated to become coal.

What can MCT products do that other products cannot?

  • MCT is an ultra-efficient carrier system that allows growers and crop managers to achieve much more with much less product. Lower input volume = higher yield.
  • Many inputs are harmful to the soil. Huma Gro® products have a positive environmental impact by improving overall soil and plant health. This is done by providing efficient foliar nutrition, promoting root growth and improving the presence of beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.

What makes Huma Gro products unique & efficient?

The secret of our high efficiency is Micro Carbon Technology®. With MCT as the basis, many highly effective products have been developed for virtually every type of application. Using MCT as a base results in:

  • Improved activity and diversity of beneficial micro-organisms.
  • Improved soil physical structure.
  • Improved availability and absorption of nutrients.
  • Improved plant tolerance to environmental stress.

Our products efficiently provide your crop with the essential nutrition it needs for optimum growth, fruit formation and vigour. The results are higher quality, higher yield and maximum profit.

Why should I use Huma Gro products with MCT?

Huma Gro products with MCT are:

  • Exclusive - no one else has them.
  • Based on a highly active form of carbon.
  • More nutritional value with less nutrients.
  • Ultra-concentrated, which drastically reduces storage requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Compatible with most agrochemical applications.

How does MCT produce such convincing results?

The size of the carbon molecule makes the difference.

MCT produces organic material with a larger treatable surface.

A larger treatable area = Increased product efficiency.

The most important benefits of MCT

NON-SELECTIVE: Works with both POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) ions.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: Can be sprayed directly onto the soil or through all irrigation systems and/or as a foliar application.

LOW ENERGY: Requires less effort from the plant to absorb nutrients and protects nutrients from being trapped in the soil.