About SB Soli Plant

We independently select and import the best products that contribute to healthy, resilient and profitable cultivation. These are often products that have unique technological properties to the advantage of the grower. In most cases, we work together with medium-sized producers (often family businesses) that specialise in green products. 

Family business

SB Soli Plant BV is a company owned by the Smit family in Andijk. At the moment, the management consists of Arjen Smit, Rob Smit and Harm Smit. Our knowledge of the agricultural and horticultural sector comes directly from our own experience. For years, several generations within our family business have devoted themselves to the cultivation and breeding of shallots, onions and other crops.

Our Story

Worldwide, farmers and horticulturalists face a major challenge to keep feeding the ever-growing world population. At the same time, the need to burden the environment as little as possible is greater than ever. In our own cultivation company, we have been working with green products for a long time. In recent years, we have been involved in the market development of biostimulants. During this period, we also regularly came into contact with other strong products. Products of which we know that also in Western Europe they are useful for the agricultural sector and lead to sustainability. That is why we have given ourselves the mission to ensure that growers can also benefit from these products here.

Added value

Because we do not produce anything ourselves, we are not dependent on internal product developments. This enables us to work with the most efficient products for each application, on each crop. This gives you a higher return on your investment.