Phycotec technology

Natural technology for your crop

Phycotec technology consists of natural components designed to optimise the nutrients delivered to the crop. It consists of liquid fertilisers with a high assimilation and efficiency thanks to the addition of enzymatic and physiological activators for naturally present plant hormones.

The added value of Phycotec technology is the balancing and improvement of plant physiological processes and hormones. Together with the improvement of nutrient absorption, it has added value from the1st spray.

Phycotec technology is a product of natural origin, it responds to the natural needs of plants, soils and microbiology.

The potential of Phycotec

The Phycotec concentrate contains a large quantity of complex active components of interest to plants. Each group of substances contributes its own part to the stimulation of crops and the soil.

The active substances consist of a carefully selected composition of enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, plyamines and activators of naturally occurring phytohormones. These substances have a high added value for crops and are not usually used in fertilisers.