Potato Field Day Aug. 30, 2023

What will potato cultivation look like in the future? Delphy ZW and Proefboerderij Rusthoeve want to show where the opportunities and challenges lie in the near future. The starting point is the cultivation of a healthy arable product with no losses of minerals or other substances to the environment. 

SB Soli Plant has constructed a test object here with 25% reduction of inorganic fertilizers as a goal. It uses favorable microbiology in the products Groundfix and Azotohelp.

Groundfix is a microbiological product specially designed to mobilize phosphorus and potassium from insoluble compounds, fix nitrogen and increase the efficiency of mineral fertilizers.

Azotohelp is a biostimulant targeting N fixation by the bacterium Azotobacter chroococcum. With Azotohelp, the crop is able to independently extract nitrogen from the air and apply it as a nutrient. This allows farmers and gardeners to save on fertilizer donation.