Liposam (stitcher/fluidifier) now available to Dutch farmers and horticulturists

Liposam is a suture & effluent that can be added as an adjuvant when applying; crop protection, nutrients, biostimulants and biopreparatives. The product contains biopolymers of bacterial origin. Liposam can be used on all crops imaginable.

Last week, registration with the CTGB was completed, making the product officially available to Dutch farmers and horticulturists. With more than two million hectares treated with Liposam every year, it has long since made its mark in agriculture and horticulture.

Liposam is a sustainable product that meets EU requirements for use in organic farming. Currently, however, the product is not yet on the SKAL input list.

Besides having a very good effect, the product is also a user-friendly product as evidenced by the many positive practical experiences. This is partly because not much Liposam is needed for a good effect. Only between 150 - 300cc per hectare is sufficient in most cases. Also, farmers gardeners worldwide are very satisfied with the fluidity of Liposam.

The use of Liposam is additionally an interesting one from an economic perspective. The combination of low volume per hectare and favorable cost makes it a product with a competitive price-quality ratio.   

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