Cauliflower-broccoli contact day 27-1-23

On 27-01-2023 the Cauliflower-Broccoli Contact Day will take place at Firma Pn. Slagter in Andijk. SB Soli Plant will be present as well to inform you about our developments in this sector. You are welcome from 14.00 to 21.00.

In the past year, for example, we have successfully gained experience with our foliar fertilizer Vitol in cauliflower. This product features unique Micro Carbon Technology from America. As a result, all nutrients are absorbed much better than with conventional fertilizer products.

In the area of biostimulants, SB Soli Plant together with CAV/Agrotheek set up trials with the product Augeo. This showed some clear improvements. In the upcoming season both parties will work on the rollout of this application. We will gladly tell you more about it at the Cauliflower-Broccoli contact day.

In addition to the products mentioned above, SB Soli Plant offers many more innovative solutions for agriculture and horticulture. We offer a wide range of fertilizer products, soil improvers, microbiology and plant enhancers. Our agronomist will also be happy to help you with a customized solution.