Super K 0-0-40


Potassium with Micro Carbon Technology

Super K, with Huma Gro's exclusive Micro Carbon Technology, is a highly innovative source of potassium that minimises fixation and blocking losses in the soil.

It has a high potassium concentration that enables a rapid stimulation in the crop in connection with the fattening of fruit and enlarging, as well as the initiation of the ripening and colouring processes.

It can be applied both on the leaf and in fertigation, with high mixing capacity, alone or together with nutrient solutions and phytosanitary treatments.

The benefits include providing a complex form of potassium associated with sugars and simple carbon that is rapidly introduced into the plant and facilitates the mobility of photo-assimilates and reserve substances.

Advantages of use

  • Concentrated potassium that reduces water stress and increases the concentration of sugars in fruit.
  • Fast fruit ripening reaction even at low concentrations of Super K.
  • It can be mixed in tanks to improve potassium absorption in the diet.
  • Potassium fixation in the soil reacts, which allows for rapid assimilation with less energy consumption.
  • Very stable alone or in a mixture with other nutrients and phytosanitary products.
  • Potassium source that does not contain chlorides.


Potassium solution (K40) complexed with Micro Carbon Technology

  • Soluble potassium: 40,0% w/w (59,6% w/v)
  • Organic acids and hydrolysed derivatives of leonardite