Leguminous crops can fix atmospheric nitrogen thanks to rhizobium bacteria. It is important to have the right rhizobium bacteria available in the soil. With Rizoline you will always have the right microorganisms present for optimal nitrogen fixation.


  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen and makes it available to the crop.
  • Intensifies the processes of nodule formation;
  • Supplies plants with growth stimulants (vitamins, phytohormones);
  • increases the content of proteins, fats, vitamins of group B in products;
  • increases the productivity of soybeans, peas and other legumes by up to 15%;
  • Improves agrochemical and physical indicators of the soil;
  • Reduces nitrogen fertilizer consumption.




We recommend applying Rizoline in the row during seeding.

Crop Rizoline work solution
Peas, beans and other legumes 0,3 20 - 50
  • After opening the package, RIZOLINE grafting agent should be used within one day.
  • The working solution is prepared on the day of processing, possibly stored for up to 4 hours in a cool, dark place.


  • Bradyrhizobium japonicum, symbiotic with soybean, titer (4.0 - 6.0) × 109 CFU / cm3;
  • Rhizobium leguminosarum, symbiotic with pea, titer (4.0 - 6.0) × 109 CFU / cm3;
  • other strains of nodule bacteria, symbiotic with certain legumes.
  • macro- and microelements, biologically active products of bacterial life (vitamins, heteroauxins, gibberellins, etc.).


1L, 5L, 10L


Store in a sealed container in a dark place.

Shelf life

6 months at 4°C to 10°C or 3 months at 10°C to 15°C from date of manufacture.