How it works

Magnamix is a concentrated fertiliser product that consists of magnesium and various micro elements (copper, manganese and zinc). It can be applied to correct deficiencies in all types of crops. It reduces leaf dieback, which in many cases is caused by a deficiency of magnesium and micro elements associated with photosynthesis.

Due to its very stable formulation, it can be administered alone or together with other products.

Magnamix contains enzymatic precursors that promote photosynthesis.


  • Soluble magnesium: 12,5% w/w (20,03% w/v)
  • Soluble copper: 1,6% w/w (2,54% w/v)
  • Soluble manganese: 11,5% w/w (18,28% w/v)
  • Soluble zinc: 5,0% w/w (7,95% w/v)
  • Contains enzyme precursors of photosynthetic activity


Photosynthetic activator: contains enzymatic precursors to photosynthesis, increasing their availability in the plant and promoting the production of vitamins, sugars and soluble solids in the fruit.

Applied technology: The formula contains enzymatic precursors that act as transport carriers for micronutrients and have systemic penetration, increasing their physiological availability in the required parts of the crop.

  • Ultra-concentrated liquid suspension product to effectively correct micro-nutrient deficiencies.
  • Improves plant health by adding copper, zinc and manganese
  • Ideal ratio of micro nutrients for optimal functioning of all plant physiological processes.
  • Reduced leaf chlorosis and chlorophyll content