How it works

A concentrated boron and molybdenum fertiliser product designed to provide both of these micro nutrients. Both these nutrients are particularly important in fruit crops before flowering, during the flowering and fruiting phases of the crop. Fruit and fruit crops have an increased need for boron during this period. This plays an important role in pollen quality and building up energy reserves.

Molybdenum is involved together with boron in natural enzymatic processes. This improves juice content and enhances fruit quality.

When Boramol is applied after the harvest, it promotes the build-up of reserve substances in the tree.

Composition of the product

  • Soluble boron (B): 9,0% w/w (11,88% w/v)
  • Molybdenum (Mo) soluble: 0,7% w/w (0,92% w/v)
  • Contains physiological precursors


  • Increases and improves the quality of flower, pollen and fruit production.
  • Promotes the creation and accumulation of reserve substances.
  • Increases the formation of amino acids, through the conversion of nitrogen into plant protein.
  • It contains enzyme precursors that act as carriers for the microelements boron and molybdenum.