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Micronutrients play an essential role in plant nutrition. Although their application is quite small compared to nutrients such as: nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, their absence ultimately results in lower yields. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the microelements boron and molybdenum. Although these 2 microelements have always been assigned an important value in flowering and pollination, their role goes far beyond this just this stage.

The importance of the element boron in plant nutrition

Boron is one of the most important microelements for plants. It is related to the construction of the cell wall and the management of photoassimilates (sugars and carbohydrates) produced by the crop.

Its application is also associated with calcium treatments because both elements are directly important for cell walls. Actually, it can be said that one element is the brick and the other is the cement that ultimately builds the plant's structure.

Functions of boron in the plant

  • Boron is involved in protein production and mobility of sugars & carbohydrates.
  • It affects the activity of hormone production and regulation.
  • Helps form the cell wall.
  • Improves the transport of calcium.  

The importance of the element molybdenum in plant nutrition

Molybdenum is another essential micronutrient for plants. The value of this element lies in the high mobility it has in the plant unlike other microelements.

The activity of molybdenum is not very large in the plant, but it is essential. Although boron has a direct effect on plant flowering and sugar production. Does molybdenum work by performing basic functions. For example, it is part of redox reactions and enzymatic activity such as the proper assimilation of nitrogen in the form of nitrate. This is also called nitrate reductase.     

Functions of molybdenum in the plant

  • It is involved in nitrogen fixation.
  • Molybdenum is an important component in two enzymes that convert nitrate to nitrite and then convert it to ammonia. Its absence prevents the proper conversion of nitrogen into amino acids.

Boramol: boron and molybdenum with auxin and cytokinin inducers.

The importance of boron and molybdenum in agriculture is so fundamental that our partner Agran Liquid Technologies has launched the product Boramol. This is a product in which the ideal ratio of boron and molybdenum has been formulated based on the well-proven Phycotec technology.

The added value of Boramol over other products is that it contains inducers of auxins and cytokinins of natural origin. This allows additional response to the flowering and pollination phase of the plants.

The benefits of Boramol are

  • Optimal ratio of microelements boron and molybdenum to promote pollen activity and all processes related to fertilization
  • It contains natural inducers of phytohormones that work together with microelements to optimize physiological stages.
  • It increases the mobility of sugars from producing sources (leaves and stems) to sinks (flowers, fruits and roots).
  • It offers a concentrated formula that quickly corrects deficiencies of these two micronutrients.
  • Great for foliar applications because of its pH.

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